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In MatterControl there are several files that are used to configure SliceSettings

  • StaticData/PrinterSettings/config.ini - This is the list of all possible printer settings. Your new type needs to be in here.
  • StaticData/SliceSettings/Layouts.txt - This file describes where the setting will be laid out in the ui.
  • StaticData/SliceSettings/Properties.txt - This file contains the description of the friendly name and the help for each setting.

How to add a new setting

  1. Add the setting name to config.ini
  2. Put the setting name in the right place in Layouts.txt
  3. Add the friendly name and help text to Properties.txt

If the setting is also applicable to CuraEngine you need to write some code.

  1. Open - SlicerConfiguration/SlicerMapping/EngineMappingCura.cs
  2. Add the setting to curaToDefaultMapping. Write translation code if required

If the setting should not be available in Slic3r

  1. Open - SlicerConfiguration/SlicerMapping/EngineMappingSlic3r.cs
  2. Add the setting name to hideItems