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Outdated: This page is no longer an accurate representation of the current version of MatterControl and needs to be updated.
This page contains outdated information and is kept only for historical reasons.
For up to date information on MatterControl 2.0, visit the new MatterControl documentation.

Export G-Code as X3G is a new experimental feature, available in version 1.1.3 and above, that gives Makerbot and Flashforge users the option of using MatterControl to create X3G files from and save them to the SD card on their Makerbot Machines.


Download one of the following Slice Configuration Files:


Import the Makerbot Slice Configuration File into MatterControl
Change G-Code Flavor to Makerbot
Click the 'Export' Link on the Queue Item You Would Like to Convert
In the Export File Window Select 'Export as X3G Option'
Name File and Select Output Location

You can save directly to your SD card or move it from wherever you choose to save.

That's it! You are ready to print!