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The CONTROLS pane as seen in MatterControl desktop with a few blurred-out custom Macro buttons.

The CONTROLS pane is where available manual controls can be used and adjustments can be made during prints.

To access the Controls menu from the MatterControl main screen, click Settings Controls.png --> Controls.png

The pane can be popped out into its own window. Pop out.png


Temperature Controls for the extruder(s) and heated bed (if present).


Manual movement controls for the nozzle and extruder(s). X, Y, and Z movement controls switch to fine adjustment during prints.


Manual control of layer-cooling fan speed.

ATX Power Control

If the printer's controller board supports it, and if enabled through Printer settings, this section allows for direct control of the printer's main power.


The Macros section is for saving snippets of G-Code as easy-to-use buttons. The image on the right has a few examples, blurred as they may be since those particular buttons are not included with MatterControl by default.

Tuning Adjustment

Allows for manual adjustment of speed and extrusion during a print.

Firmware Updater

Allows the user to update an Arduino-based printer's firmware from within MatterControl.