Configuring Print Leveling

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Getting the bed set up if the z switch is on the bottom (z-min)

The goal of this process is to get the z-home position to be just touching the bed perfectly, then get the other parts of the bed to be just a bit higher.

  1. Home the printer on all axes
  2. Adjust the z-limit height (should be one on most every printer) until the extruder is just touching the bed when homed
  3. Release the motors so you can move the extruder around the bed
  4. Raise the extruder 1 mm in z
  5. Move the extruder to the other 3 points of the bed (not the x y home position)
  6. Mechanically raise the bed so that it is just touching the extruder at these other 3 positions.
  7. Your bed should now be at a very slight angle with the lowest point being in the home position.

Your bed should now be in a great state for automatic print leveling to work.