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processFile is the main function that does the work.

  • preSetup - is called to set up data for the rest of the process
  • prepareModel - is called to actually load the stl and turn it into slices
    • SimpleModel.loadModelFromFile - (actually load the stl)
    • Turn the model into volumes (part of the function body)
    • cut the volumes up into layers (just the outline borders not the gcode paths)
  • processSliceData - This is where the majority of the data about how to create the gcode paths is created
  • writeGCode - Here the actual gcode is output to the gcode file. There is also some amount of path planning happening in this code.
    • Raft.GenerateRaftGCodeIfRequired - Raft is created here
    • addVolumeLayerToGCode -
    • spiralize is figured out in the function