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== 2.19.2 ==
== 2.19.2 ==
'''Release Data:''' February, 6, 2019
'''Release Date:''' February, 6, 2019
*[https://mattercontrol.appspot.com/downloads/development/ag9zfm1hdHRlcmNvbnRyb2xyOwsSB1Byb2plY3QY6gcMCxINUHVibGljUmVsZWFzZRiAgICt8ISVCgwLEgZVcGxvYWQYgICA_ZPAggoM Windows Download]
*[https://mattercontrol.appspot.com/downloads/development/ag9zfm1hdHRlcmNvbnRyb2xyOwsSB1Byb2plY3QY6gcMCxINUHVibGljUmVsZWFzZRiAgICt8ISVCgwLEgZVcGxvYWQYgICA_ZPAggoM Windows Download]
*[Mac Download]
*[Mac Download]
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== 2.19.1 ==
== 2.19.1 ==
'''Release Data:''' January, 2, 2019
'''Release Date:''' January, 2, 2019
*[https://mattercontrol.appspot.com/downloads/development/ag9zfm1hdHRlcmNvbnRyb2xyOwsSB1Byb2plY3QY6gcMCxINUHVibGljUmVsZWFzZRiAgIC17KWBCgwLEgZVcGxvYWQYgICAzeeZlQoM Windows Download]
*[https://mattercontrol.appspot.com/downloads/development/ag9zfm1hdHRlcmNvbnRyb2xyOwsSB1Byb2plY3QY6gcMCxINUHVibGljUmVsZWFzZRiAgIC17KWBCgwLEgZVcGxvYWQYgICAzeeZlQoM Windows Download]
*[Mac Download]
*[Mac Download]
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== 2.0.0 ==
== 2.0.0 ==
'''Release Data:''' November, 19, 2018
'''Release Date:''' November, 19, 2018
*[https://mattercontrol.appspot.com/downloads/development/ag9zfm1hdHRlcmNvbnRyb2xyOwsSB1Byb2plY3QY6gcMCxINUHVibGljUmVsZWFzZRiAgIC1rPiMCgwLEgZVcGxvYWQYgICAtezqjgoM Windows Download]
*[https://mattercontrol.appspot.com/downloads/development/ag9zfm1hdHRlcmNvbnRyb2xyOwsSB1Byb2plY3QY6gcMCxINUHVibGljUmVsZWFzZRiAgIC1rPiMCgwLEgZVcGxvYWQYgICAtezqjgoM Windows Download]
*[Mac Download]
*[Mac Download]
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== 1.7.5 ==
== 1.7.5 ==
'''Release Data:''' August, 14, 2017
'''Release Date:''' August, 14, 2017
*[https://mattercontrol.appspot.com/downloads/development/ag9zfm1hdHRlcmNvbnRyb2xyOwsSB1Byb2plY3QY6gcMCxINUHVibGljUmVsZWFzZRiAgICGgYiLCgwLEgZVcGxvYWQYgICAps6mhwoM Windows Download]
*[https://mattercontrol.appspot.com/downloads/development/ag9zfm1hdHRlcmNvbnRyb2xyOwsSB1Byb2plY3QY6gcMCxINUHVibGljUmVsZWFzZRiAgICGgYiLCgwLEgZVcGxvYWQYgICAps6mhwoM Windows Download]
*[Mac Download]
*[Mac Download]

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Migrating: For MatterControl 2.0 the MatterControl documentation is moving to matterhackers.com/mattercontrol/support/.
This page is in the process of being migrated. It's new home will be matterhackers.com/mattercontrol/support/release-notes.

This page contains a brief description of each new release of MatterControl. The version numbers shown on this page are for the official MatterHackers releases.


Release Date: February, 6, 2019


  • Fixed bugs with exporting G-Code
  • Improved flatten
  • Improved Undo support
  • Improved design history


Release Date: January, 2, 2019


  • Versioning: Moving to a (version).(year).(month) version number. Easier to read and more informative.
  • Multi-printer control
  • A single instance of MatterControl can now run multiple printers simultaneously
  • New State-of-the-art Subtract, Combine and Intersection
  • We now start up with a 'Feature Tour' to help new users find their way


Release Date: November, 19, 2018


  • Added Integrated Design Tools


Release Date: August, 14, 2017


  • Added filament selection into leveling wizard so we heat to printing temp before sampling.


Release Date: July, 14, 2017


  • Put in the ability to ramp the extra extrusion after move to compensate for oozing while moving.


Release Date: July, 6, 2017


  • Created regex filters that can be applied to printer read and writes. Allows us to support more printers.


Release Date: June, 19, 2017


  • Fixed bug in leveling for JumpStart printer


Release Date: June, 11, 2017


  • New mesh bed leveling option (3x3)
  • Improved tool pathing while printing supports
  • Improved wipe towers while printing support
  • Improved extruder selection when more than 2 extruders available
  • Fixed small over extrusion issues with some overhang tool paths
  • Added support for filament run out sensor
  • New SMS messages for pausing and filament run out
  • Added support for automatic probing if sensor available
  • Added Support for probing servo
  • Improved translations
  • General bug fixing


Release Date: March 14, 2017


  • Significantly improved tool paths, much better printed parts
  • Improved macro support
  • Improved baby stepping
  • Updated to latest avrdude for improved compatibility with some non-standard boards
  • Improved support for network printing
  • Touch screen mode now works on all platforms
  • New printing screen in touch screen mode
  • Better screen position saving and restoring

New translations added

  • Čeština
  • Dansk
  • Italiano
  • ελληνικά
  • Norsk
  • Русский
  • Română
  • Vlaams

Updated existing translations

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Español
  • Français
  • Polski
  • Türkçe

Bug Fixes

  • Increased hardware error reporting
  • Improvements to Repetier communications


Release Date: January 18, 2017


  • All printing instructions now sent with checksum
  • Improved macro scripting and macro execution
  • Disconnect and Reconnect does not cancel a print (can still be recovered)
  • Improvements to language for dialogs and menus
  • Record recover count in history
  • Added error messages when saving files fails

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with controlling multiple extruders that shared temp
  • Fixed problem when changing colors on some dialogs
  • Improved Android stability
    • Switched from HTTP client to WebRequest
    • Improved Queue logic to be more MVC and eliminated crash


Release Date: December 6, 2016


  • Request updated printer list from MatterHackers.com immediately on program startup.
  • Show import printer Wizard after user logs in for the first time after updating.


Release Date: November 21, 2016

New Features

  • Print Recovery
    • Automatically recover from power failure, disconnection, or crash
  • Printer settings now associated with user account and accessed when logged in
  • Settings changes automatically synced across instances of the application
  • Improved Settings Editor
    • Revert to default profile settings at any time
    • Revert to previous version of settings
  • Improved Quality and Material Editors
  • Improved Export and Import of settings
  • Printer profiles added
  • Calculate filament cost per print
  • Part editing now has undo and redo
  • Latest settings now retrieved the when setting up a new printer

Better Print Results

  • Fill Thin Gaps
  • Expand Thin Edges
  • Perimeter Merging
  • Improved wipe towers
  • Improved support detection and removal
  • Improved seam hiding
  • Convex priming (skirt) loops
  • Better fan speed control
  • Can use G0 instead of G1 for moves if desired


Release Date: May 19, 2016

New Features

  • Added profile for the BCN3D Sigma printer
  • Updated JumpStart V1 Printer Profile
  • Added printer profile for the Lulzbot TAZ 6


Release Date: April 29, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Android keyboard crash on T10 tablet


  • Updated printer profiles


Release Date: February 19, 2016

New Features

  • A new, vastly improved, support system
  • Position tuning while printing (aka baby stepping)
  • Ability to slice merged/intersecting parts
  • Improved seam-hiding while printing
  • Ability to cancel printing while heating
  • Setting to retract when changing islands
  • Made it possible to have the first perimeter have a different extrusion width to compensate for more accurate small holes
  • Added top infill speed
  • Add support for closing MatterControl while printing
  • Put in reporting of hardware errors
  • Improved the local search feature
  • Added visual indicator for http failures
  • Made it possible to render translucent extrusion paths
  • Support drag and drop onto the settings widget will still add to Queue
  • Fixed the macro window to grow in Y
  • Implemented scroll wheel in the G-Code Terminal
  • Added user configurable Library folders
  • Finished Braille 2 functionality for Braille Builder
  • Velocity during rotation of 3D View
  • Improved MatterControl Touch printing
  • Improved Android soft keyboard support
  • Only process the most outside perimeter with Spiral Vase
  • Fixed slicing to handle badly wound polygons

Bug Fixes

  • Now reporting bed and extruder heating state for Repetier firmware
  • You can now type a partial entry to a count or mm field and not have it get messed up if you are slow
  • Make sure we turn off all heaters when we shut down
  • Ability to save to the Queue on Save As
  • Suppress error reporting and abort on COM Access Denied errors
  • AMF save progress reporting
  • Fixed first layer speed issue
  • Better thread safety
  • Made the leveling page easier to use on MatterControl Touch
  • Made message box easier to use on MatterControl Touch
  • Allow invalid image file formats to return a load failure rather than throw an assert
  • Group objects move correctly on the bed when scaled
  • Made it possible to edit the 3 point leveling positions even after you have set up 7 or 13 point leveling
  • Making the save feature always go through a separate file so that we don't get collisions with files in use
  • No crashing on corrupt zip files
  • Fixed bug when opening and closing EEProm window
  • Restore Clear Cache functionality
  • Loading large GCode file no longer pauses Android
  • Loading Repetier EEProm settings no longer pauses Android
  • Fixed issue where Infill Overlap was not being used correctly

See also

MatterControl 1.5 Released article on MatterHackers.com


Release Date: November 16, 2015

Notes: MatterControl Touch only

Minor Changes

  • Enabled new seam hiding code in MatterSlice
  • Enabled 'Pinch to Zoom' on touchscreens
  • Reset view button on model and gcode views
  • Improved STL repair, added handling for bad polygon winding
  • Added Outside perimeter extrusion width setting (Filament -> Extrusion)
  • Added Top Solid Infill speed to MatterSlice
  • Improved to Braille Grade 2 support in Braille Builder
  • Made print leveling dialog easier to use on Touch
  • Made message reports easier to read on Touch

Bug Fixes

  • Improved showing and hiding of the Android keyboard
  • Better startup behavior when a printer plugged in
  • Fixed issue where grouped objects were not moving when scaled
  • Android now resets boards on connect
  • Fixed issue where Infill Overlap was not being used correctly
  • Fixed issue with empty Start GCode
  • General stability improvements


Release Date: October 5, 2015

New Features

  • Added Cloud Design Library - automatic design file syncing
  • Expanded general library management tools (folder creation, item rename)
  • Added options for sharing designs
  • Added support for X3G 3D printers (added new profiles)
  • Added ability to start/stop prints remotely and remotely add items to queue
  • Added 'Braille Builder' design add-on for creation of 3d printable braille labels


Release Date: June 23, 2015

New Features

  • Auto arrange has been improved
  • Added profiles for MakerGear, PrintSpace, Huxley
  • Adding Touchscreen mode for touchscreen devices
  • Support for ATX power hardware
  • Improved Basic and Standard UI settings
  • Perimeters, Bottom and Top layers can all be set in millimeters
  • Perimeters can now be printed outer layer first or last

Minor Changes

  • Updated Lulzbot settings
  • Added tool change g-code
  • Added crash reporting to alpha and beta channels
  • Better default printer naming
  • Fixed slicing problems with very complex models during top and bottom layer creation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with spiral vase setting
  • Fixed bug with dual extrusion offset (offset values were limited to integer values)
  • Fixed slicing problems with very complex models during top and bottom layer creation
  • Improved reset connection
  • Keep 3D views up to date with model changes
  • Fix to end gcode processing not doing replacements
  • Improved error messages
  • Fixed handling of bad AMF loading
  • Better handling of connection not available
  • Fixed a bug in the queue while printing and trying to change items1
  • Fixes for international number formatting
  • Improved clarity of redundant slice settings naming
  • Fixed a problem with first layer extrusion width



  • Added a wipe before retract feature
  • Made it possible to print the raft with any extruder

Bug Fixes

  • Filter move writes better
  • Spiral Vase now ignores confounding settings when set
  • Outer perimeters can no longer overlap themselves
  • Improved loop clipping
  • Put in tool change code
  • Print the skirt before the raft
  • Hex infill could sometimes miss a bottom edge
  • Fixed a freeze bug when creating top and bottom layers for complex parts
  • Make sure we retract on layer change if required
  • Extruder offset previously could only be an integer value (it can now be a decimal value as well)


Release Date: March 6, 2015

New Features

  • Improved printer connection stability
  • Updated Serial Driver for RAMPS
  • Added profiles for Revolution 3D, Solidoodle
  • Added hexagon infill
  • Added the ability to turn on 'Reset Connection' works as an e-stop

Minor Changes

  • Bug fixes
  • Better memory reporting and stability
  • Fixed a bug with temp being set repeatedly
  • Using sub-modules (easier to build from GitHub)


Release Date: January 28, 2015

New Features

  • Pop Out Windows - now you can show settings and controls all the time
  • Ability to send parts to other computers and MatterControl Touch
  • We now display a big 3D view on startup
  • Better connection handling
  • Support for many more printers
  • Added a Simple mode to slice settings

Minor Changes

  • External Perimeter First slice setting
  • Improved edge detection during slicing
  • Select Raft Extruder
  • Vertical offsets in edit mode
  • Faster editing of models
  • More accurate gcode generation
  • More accurate support angles
  • Better slice settings help and defaults
  • Fixed some very obscure errors with Print Leveling being too high sometimes
  • Better detection of co-linear edges (highly tessellated round things work better)


Release Date: November 19, 2014

New Features

  • Dual-Extrusion Support
  • Simple Multi-Material Workflow
  • Advanced Support Material Generation
  • New Touch-Friendly UI
  • Signed Windows Drivers (no more Windows 8 pain)
  • AMF support

Minor Changes

  • Improved Pausing (remembers and returns to pause position)
  • Support for @pause and M226 (user requested pause from gcode)
  • MatterSlice
    • Skirt always draws from the outside


Release Date: August 8, 2014

New Features

  • Updated to Slic3r 1.1.7
  • MatterSlice significantly improved
    • Support can now have interface layers
    • Many bugs and performance improvements
  • New 3D Display options (outline view)
  • MakerBot X3G support now available (beta)
  • Added Turkish translation

Minor Changes:

  • Make sure the 3D views always match the current printer size and shape
  • Improved 3D GCode view (more display options)
  • Faster Mesh and GCode loading
  • New driver for RoBo 3D
  • Made Smoothieboards work better


Release Date: July 22, 2014

New Features

  • 3D GCode View
  • Cloud Monitoring: While logged in, printer status viewable from the web
  • SD Card Support: Allows you to print from and view/edit the contents of the on-board SD Card
  • Triangle infill in MatterSlice, for incredibly strong parts

Minor Changes

  • Minor UI fixes (ex. added scroll bars to slice presets)
  • Added 'Preheat' temperature preset - sets temp to current slice settings
  • Fixed slice implementation of Raft settings. It was not putting in correct spacing
  • Fixed issue with update download not starting.
  • Fixed issue with auto-connect causing start-up crash (on Printrboards specifically)


Release Date: May 27, 2014

New Features

  • New Advanced Raft in MatterSlice
  • GCode playback during printing

Minor Changes

  • Independent Axis Scaling Improved
  • Fixed a bug in Macros being sent in reverse order
  • Better international support (
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


Release Date: May 14, 2014

New Features

  • MatterSlice : A new high quality, high speed slicing engine by MatterHackers
  • Material/Quality Presets : Layers settings to that modify the base settings
  • Widescreen Mode
  • Expanded Themes
  • Image Converter : A new tool that lets you change images into printable models
  • Print History updates and improvements

Minor Changes

  • Pause, cancel, resume functionality can now be assigned custom GCode.
  • Added visualization for retraction and partial path viewing to GCode view.
  • When parts are repositioned in the plate editor, the offsets are now preserved.
  • Localization support has been added. We'll be integrating translations as they become available.
  • Saving part file edits is now significantly faster.
    • Loading images is now faster (uses caching).
    • Many bug fixes and performance improvements