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{{Slice Settings
{{Slice Settings

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A screenshot of the Outside Perimeters setting as seen in MatterControl's SETTINGS pane.


A modifier of the width of the extrusion when printing outside perimeters.

Can be useful to fine-adjust actual print size when objects print larger or smaller than specified in the digital model.


  • millimeters (mm)
  • percent (%)

Set to 0 to use default extrusion width.



In this example, the adjusted nozzle diameter for the first layer extrusion will be 0.3 mm.

Outside Perimeters-ss-ex.png


In this example, the nozzle size set under Printer settings will be modified by 90%. For this example, the nozzle size was 0.5 mm, so the adjusted size will be 0.45 mm.

Outside Perimeters-ss-ex1.png