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{{Slice Settings
{{Slice Settings

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A screenshot of the Extrusion Multiplier setting as seen in MatterControl's SETTINGS pane.


A multiplier for modifying the extrusion flow rate.

This value can also be adjusted during a print using the Extrusion Multiplier slider on the Controls pane. Keep in mind using the function in Controls will have an effect in addition to any existing multiplier used in the setting described on this page. For example, if the slicer setting is set at 1.06 and then the slider in Controls is used during the print and set to 1.08, the total result will be a multiplier of 1.1448 (1.06 * 1.08).


The general extrusion flow formula: layer height / (filament area (pi*r²) * extrusion multiplier)


  • multiplier


Increasing it above 1 (1.1 is a good max value) will increase the amount of filament being extruded; decreasing it (.9 is a good minimum value) will decrease the amount being extruded.



In this example, all extrusions will be multiplied by 1.04.

Extrusion Multiplier-ss-ex.png