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Migrating: For MatterControl 2.0 the MatterControl documentation is moving to matterhackers.com/mattercontrol/support/.
This page is in the process of being migrated. It's new home will be matterhackers.com/mattercontrol/support/slice-settings/filament/retraction#time-for-extra-length.

A screenshot of the Time For Extra Length setting as seen in MatterControl's SETTINGS pane.


The length of time, over which the Extra Length On Restart will be increased proportionally to its maximum value. Below this specified time only a portion of the extra length will be applied.

Set to 0 to apply the entire amount all the time.


  • seconds (s)

Can be zero.


This example shows a length of two seconds for the amount of time designated to fulfill Extra Length On Restart. If the move takes less than this amount of time, the Extra Length On Restart will be applied proportionally.

Time For Extra Length-ss-ex.png