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Slice Settings on this page have been removed from the program and may or may not have been replaced with other functionality.

Allow Negative Z

Allow Negative Z was renamed to Z Can Be Negative.

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G-Code Output

G-Code Output used to allow the user to select a flavor of G-Code to output to, based on the type of printer. The functionality did not work well, so the setting was deprecated in version 1.6 and was not replaced with another setting.

Legacy link:

Amount (Support Material)

Generation of Support Material used to be calculated based on the angle of the overhanging slope. This functionality was deprecated in favor of a better solution, and support generation is now based on how far the extrusion hangs over off the side of the previous layer as Support Percent.

Replaced with: Support Percent

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Z Can Be Negative

MatterControl now automatically detects this based on responses to M114.

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