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The Text Creator is a simple design tool that will enable you to create printable text.


From the Print Queue select the 'Create' icon located on the bottom of the queue.

Text creator1.jpg

The design tool window appears. Select the Text Creator tool.

Text creator2.jpg

How It Works

A new window will open. This is where you type characters before inserting them into the view port.

There is no character limit.

After inserting text, the Word Edit tools become enabled:

Text creator4.jpg
  • The Spacing slider decreases or increases space between characters and is often used to connect characters
  • The Size slider decreases or increases the size of characters
  • The Height slider decreases or increases the height of characters
  • The Underline tool creates a cubed base to connect every character

When done editing, select 'Save and Exit.

Text creator5.jpg

The file can now be found in the Queue.

Text creator6.jpg