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3D VIEW with a Calibration Box model loaded.

3D VIEW allows the user to preview and make changes to a model or multiple models in a 3D environment.

It is accessed by clicking the 3D View.png icon in the pane on the right side of the Main Screen.

The pane can be popped out into its own window. Pop out.png

View Controls

View Controls.png

View Controls is a set of tools which allow the user to manipulate the view and/or models currently displayed.

In 3D VIEW, the following tools are avaiable:


3D View-Insert.png

The Insert button opens the operating system file manager so a model file can be selected for addition to any existing models in the current view.

3D View automatically enters Edit mode once a file is loaded.


3D View--Edit.png

The Edit button enters Edit mode, where the user can make minor alterations to the model.


The Export... window.

3D View-Export.png

The Export... button opens the File export options dialog box which allows the user to export the model in one of several formats.