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MatterSlice adds certain automatically generated code before and after your custom custom start G-Code. This normally where your temperature settings would be applied. MatterSlice will wait for the bed to warm up first, then begin warming the extruder, then run the custom start G-Code, and finally wait for the extruder to finish heating before continuing.

If MatterSlice detects that you have any extruder heating commands (M104, M109) in your custom start G-Code, it will remove these from the automatic G-Code. Likewise for bed heating commands (M140, M190).

Here are some examples of the automatic G-Code:


   ; automatic settings before start_gcode  
   G21 ; set units to millimeters  
   M107 ; fan off  
   M190 S95 ; wait for bed temperature to be reached  
   M104 T0 S210 ; start heating extruder 1  
   T0 ; set the active extruder to 0


   ; automatic settings after start_gcode
   M109 T0 S210 ; wait for extruder 1 to reach temperature
   T0 ; set the active extruder to 0
   G90 ; use absolute coordinates
   G92 E0 ; reset the expected extruder position
   M82 ; use absolute distance for extrusion

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