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MatterControl CLOUD SYNC
Cloud User Account window Connection Display
MatterControl Cloud Sync, aka CLOUD SYNC, is the name for the suite of web services which allow web-based control of MatterControl functionality including:
  • Access cloud services through multiple instances of MatterControl simultaneously on different devices for model and printer profile sharing
  • Browser-based dashboard for file sharing and printer control:
  • Notifications by text message, email, and/or sound


All cloud-based functionality is secured with the same account system used to place orders on

Create a account here:

File Sharing

MatterControl CLOUD SYNC offers a few different ways to send files.

Cloud Library

Cloud Library is a feature of MatterControl that allows for a user with a account to store 3D models and G-Code files in the Cloud and access them from any instance of MatterControl that is connected to the Internet and also signed in to the same account.


The Send button in the QUEUE pane allows the user to select a destination QUEUE in an instance of MatterControl to which to transfer a 3D model or G-Code file to. Both instances (origin and destination) must be signed in to a account.

Sync Dashboard

Upload 3D models and G-Code files directly to a MatterControl QUEUE using a web-based UI.

Printer Control

MatterControl CLOUD SYNC allows for remote control of printers.

Sync Dashboard

Use the CLOUD SYNC Dashboard to control a connected printer. From the Sync Dashboard, users can:

  • Start printing the first item in a QUEUE in an instance of MatterControl
  • Stop an in-progress print
  • View a camera feed from a MatterControl Touch/T10 tablet

Add a model or G-Code file to the QUEUE

Start a print remotely


Use the Notifications section under the OPTIONS pane to set text message, email, or sound notifications that alert the user when a print completes.