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MatterControl CLOUD SYNC
Cloud User Account window Connection Display
The location of the Cloud Connection Display.
The MatterControl Cloud Sync Connection Display is a section of the MatterControl desktop version main screen which serves a few purposes: the Sign in link, the status indicator, web dashboard link, and the Sign Out button.

Sign in

Sign in.png

When no user is signed in, the Sign in link appears. Clicking the link opens the User Account window, allowing the user to sign in to a account.

Status indicator and menu

Status indicator.png

When a user is signed in, the user name is shown with a colored square to its left to indicate the status of the connection to MatterControl's Cloud Sync services. A small triangle to the right of the user name is a drop down menu containing

Color codes

Green : The user is signed in and connected to all MatterControl Cloud Sync services, allowing for instant setting synchronization, file sharing, and printer remote control.

Yellow : The user is signed in but not connected to all cloud-based services. Settings synchronization is available but delayed longer than normal, file sharing works, but printer remote control is not available.

Red : The user was signed in, but credentials have expired or servers are not available. The user must click the Sign Out button then attempt to sign in again.


Status indicator menu.png

Sync Dashboard...

Opens the Cloud Sync Dashboard in a web browser.

Sign Out

Signs out the current instance of MatterControl from MatterControl Cloud Sync services.