Custom G-Code Variables

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The Lulzbot Mini profile makes use of Custom G-Code variables.
MatterSlice allows certain tokens to be placed in custom G-Code that will automatically be replaced with the appropriate values. For example:

M109 S[temperature]

In this line, [temperature] will be replaced with the extruder temperature defined in your slice settings. These tokens can be enclosed in either square brackets [] or curly brackets {}, but for compatibility with other slicers square brackets are recommended.

Here is the list of currently available tokens:

Variable Slice Settings Page
temperature Extruder Temperature
bed_temperature Bed Temperature
bed_remove_part_temperature Bed Remove Part Temperature
extruder_wipe_temperature Extruder Wipe Temperature
z_offset Z Offset
retract_length Length on Move
filament_diameter Filament Diameter
first_layer_speed First Layer Speed
infill_speed Speed for Infill
max_fan_speed Maximum Fan Speed
min_fan_speed Minimum Fan Speed
min_print_speed Minimum Print Speed
perimeter_speed Inside Perimeter Speed
retract_speed Retraction Speed
support_material_speed Support Material Speed
travel_speed Travel Speed
bridge_fan_speed Bridging Fan Speed
bridge_speed Bridge Speed
raft_print_speed Raft Speed
external_perimeter_speed Outside Perimeter Speed
layer_num Represents the current layer number, starting with 0.