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The FILE menu.
The FILE menu contains links to commonly-accessed functions having to do with files and printers.

It can be found at the top left of the MatterControl screen.

Add Printer

Opens the Printer Configuration Window. If no printers are set up, the 3D Printer Setup Wizard is run.

Add File To Queue

Opens the operating system's file manager so the user can select a .STL, .AMF, .ZIP, or .GCODE file to add to the QUEUE.

Redeem Design Code

The Redeem Code window.
Opens a window with a field in which to enter a digital design purchase code.

MatterHackers sells digital designs via purchase at physical store locations. A card with a code is purchased in-store, and the code is entered in this field to redeem the purchase.

Enter Share Code

The Enter Share Code window.
Opens a window with a field in which to enter a code for viewing a file from another user.

User files contained in the Cloud Library folder can be shared with other users. From the folder, click the 'Edit' button at the top left of the pane, select which file you'd like to share and click the 'Share' button. A code will be generated which can be entered in this field.

Files purchased through the MatterHackers Digital Design Store are not able to be shared using this method.


Exits the program.