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MatterControl Touch is a version of MatterControl software available only on the T7 and T10 tablets sold by MatterHackers. The program functions mostly the same, but with a few minor UI differences and some additional features not available in the desktop version of MatterControl.


  • Display Mode is Touchscreen and is not able to be changed; the setting does not appear in the OPTIONS menu.
  • The Sidebar replaces many of the navigation links.
  • FILE, VIEW, and HELP menus have been removed; menu items are redistributed elsewhere.
  • The Gear menu contains some of the redistributed menu items and the sign-in link.
  • Interface Mode shows two extra items on the Sidebar.
  • 3D Mode in LAYER VIEW is not available.

Additional Features


MatterControl Touch on a T7.
MatterControl Touch on a T10.