Minimum Extrusion Length

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A screenshot of the Minimum Extrusion Length setting as seen in MatterControl's SETTINGS pane.


The minimum length of filament to use to draw the priming loops. Enough loops will be drawn to use this amount of filament, overriding the value set in Loops if the value in Loops will produce a loop is shorter than this value. This is the measurement of the filament going into the extruder, not the length of the loops being extruded. We recommend setting this to the length of your hot end's hot zone. For an E3D or similar hot end this will be about 15 mm


  • millimeters (mm)

Can be zero.



In this example, at least 6 mm of filament will be extruded into the formation of the skirt.

Minimum Extrusion Length-ss-ex.png