Extruder Offset

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A screenshot of the Extruder Offset setting as seen in MatterControl's SETTINGS pane.


Respectively, the X and Y coordinates of the extruder relative to the first extruder, in millimeters. Only used for multiple extruder machines. Some dual extruder machines handle the offset in firmware, in which case it should be set to 0,0 in MatterControl. If the second extruder is to the right of the first, use a positive X value. If it is to the left of the first extruder, use a negative X value. Similarly, Y is positive if the second is behind the first and negative if the second is in front of the first.


  • millimeters (mm)



In this example, the nozzle of the second extruder is located 25 mm to the right along the X axis from the first extruder.

Extruder Offset-ss-ex.png