Networked Printing

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A screenshot of the Networked Printing setting as seen in MatterControl's SETTINGS pane.


Sets MatterControl to attempt to connect to a printer over the network instead of through USB.

When this feature is enable the Serial Port selection will be removed from the Connection settings and be replaced by IP Address and Port. You must disconnect and reconnect for this to take effect.

MatterControl will attempt to connect to the printer using a TCP/IP (Telnet) connection to the specified IP address and port. MatterControl will then stream G-Code to the printer over the connection. If your printer supports Telnet commands, Mattercontrol will try to use them to set the correct baud rate and perform resets.

Supported Printers

  • Smoothie - See the Smoothie documentation for turning on the Telnet feature.
  • Raspberry Pi - If you have a RasPi or other Linux box connected to your printer, you can use this script to set up a rudimentary Telnet server.
  • Wi-Fi to serial adapter - You can connect to an ESP8266 based Wi-Fi/Serial adapter running the ESP-Link firmware.


  • Boolean


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