Send to Remote Device

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The Send to Remote Device window.
The Send to Remote Device window allows the user to send models or G-Code files to another instance of MatterControl signed in to the same account.

Select A Device

This list shows all the other instances of MatterControl to which the signed-in account is also signed in. Choose a destination by clicking the radio button to the left of the printer's name.

Slice files prior to send

Check this box to slice a 3D model file using the currently-configured slice settings before sending it to its destination in the form of a G-Code file.

Show unavailable printers

Check this box to show all instances of MatterControl associated with the currently-signed-in account to which the user can send files. By default the list will only display instances that are signed in.


Click the 'Continue' button to send the file using the selected settings.


Click the 'Cancel' button to exit the window without sending.