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__NOTOC__[[CategoryFile:FeaturesLayer View-ss.png|right|thumb|550px|<center>'''Layer View''' in 3D mode. Colors indicate speeds.</center>]]2D '''Layer View ''' is a pane which allows you to asses the individual layers of user to preview a print after configuring 's G-Code tool path as a visual representation. It has two modes: 2D and 3D. ''Note'': 3D mode is not available on the [[Settings|slice settingsMatterControl Touch]] outside of the Preview Window.
It is accessed by clicking the [[File:LayersLayer View.gifpng]]icon in the pane on the right side of the MatterControl main screen.
== Generating Layers ==The pane can be [[Pop out|popped out]] into its own window. [[File:Pop out.png]]
To enable the 2D layer view, open up the preview window and select '''Layer View'''. == [[File:2dlayerview1.png|none|frameView Controls]]==
You will see the basic movement controls above, but not much else. Click '''Generate''' to show the rest of the features.[[File:2dlayerview23D View-Controls.png|none|frame]]
This will View Controls is a set of tools which allow you the user to use manipulate the slider on view and/or models currently displayed. In Layer View, the following tools are available: *[[View Controls#Reset View|Reset View]]*[[View Controls#Rotate|Rotate]] (only in [[#3D|3D mode]])*[[View Controls#Move|Move]]*[[View Controls#Zoom|Zoom]] == Mode Controls == [[File:2D 3D.png]] === 2D === Enters Layer View's [[#2D mode|2D mode]]. === 3D === Enters Layer View's [[#3D mode|3D mode]]. == Generate == [[File:Generate.png]] Slices the current model using the [[Settings|slice settings]] and displays the tool path. == Graphical display == [[File:Layers.gif|right hand side to view |framed|<center>Layer View in 2D mode, showing each layer of the individual layers as they have [[:File:MHObject.stl|MatterHackers test object]]</center>]] Once G-Code for a model has been slicedgenerated or loaded, as well as seeing the main area of the Layer View pane will display the tool path. Depending on which graphical display mode is selected, the toolpath is able to be displayed in different ways. === Navigation === [[File:Layer_View-Nav.png|none|framed|<center>Navigation for a 50-layer print . Layer 37 is currently displayed.</center>]] ==== << ==== Navigate down one layer. ==== >> ==== Navigate up one layer. ==== # / # ==== The currently displayed layer / total number of layers ==== Go ==== Navigate to the layer specified in the field to the left of the '''Go''' button. === 2D mode === '''2D mode''' displays one layer at a time, in a two-dimensional graphic. === 3D mode === '''3D mode''' displays the tool path in a three-dimensional environment. The specified layer and any lower layers are shown. == Sidebar == The sidebar in Layer View has two sections: MODEL and DISPLAY. [[File:Layer View-Sidebar.png]] === MODEL === Contains information about the print . [[File:Layer View-MODEL.png]] ==== Print Time ==== The length of time the print is estimated to take. ==== Filament Length ==== The length of filament the print is estimated to use, in millimeters. ==== Filament Volume ==== The volumeof filament the finished print is estimated to be, and total in cubic centimeters. ==== Estimated Weight ==== The estimated weight of material usedthe finished print, in grams=== DISPLAY === [[File:2dlayerview3Layer_View-DISPLAY.png]] ==== Print Bed ==== Toggles the graphical display of the print bed. ==== Moves ==== Toggles the display of non-print moves in the tool path. ==== Retractions ==== Toggles the display of locations of the start and end of retraction events. ==== Speeds ==== Toggles the display of color-coding of the tool path to indicate the speed at which it is run. The tool path changes to a different color for each speed specified under the [[Settings/General/Speed|noneSpeed sub-category]] in General settings. A legend is generated at the top left of the pane. ==== Extrusion ==== Toggles the display of visual representation of the flow as defined by the  ==== Transparent ==== Toggles transparency of the tool path. Only available in [[#2D mode|frame2D mode]]. ==== Sync To Print ==== Draws the tool path in real time while a print is active. [[Category:IncompleteFeatures]]

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