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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I get alpha or beta builds of MatterControl?
Alpha and Beta builds of MatterControl are available for users that want to test the latest features at the risk of experiencing bugs or crashes. Alpha builds are published several weeks before a stable release. If no bugs are found, it will be promoted to Beta and eventually to Stable.
On MatterControl Desktop, go navigate to the Help [[HELP menu ]] at the top, then choose Check for For Update. Switch the '''Update Channel ''' to Beta or Alpha.
On the MatterControl Touch, go to OptionsOPTIONS. Under Application Settings, switch the '''Update Notification Feed ''' to Beta or Alpha.
If you experience an issue with an alpha or beta build, please report it either to the [ GitHub issue tracker] or via email to Be sure to include the build number. It can be found at the bottom of the About screen. The last four digits are the important part.
Experimental builds are also available. These contain the absolute latest code, and are offered to select users in order to get feedback on new features and ideas. They are intended only for testing and should not be considered reliable, stable or even working (from time to time). To request an experimental release, send an email to If you are using this version to gain access to a new feature please update to the stable version as soon as the feature is available. Advanced users can also [[Building MatterControl|compile MatterControl from source]].

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