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__NOTOC__[[File:Layer ViewLAYER VIEW-ss.png|right|thumb|550px|<center>'''Layer ViewLAYER VIEW''' in 3D mode. Colors indicate speeds.</center>]] '''Layer ViewLAYER VIEW''' is a pane which allows the user to preview a print's G-Code tool path as a visual representation. It has two modes: 2D and 3D. ''Note'': 3D mode is not available on the [[MatterControl Touch]].
It is accessed by clicking the [[File:Layer ViewLAYER VIEW.png]] icon in the pane on the right side of the [[Main Screen]].
The pane can be [[Pop out|popped out]] into its own window. [[File:Pop out.png|link=Pop out]]
View Controls is a set of tools which allow the user to manipulate the view and/or models currently displayed.
In Layer ViewLAYER VIEW, the following tools are available:
*[[View Controls#Reset View|Reset View]]
=== 2D ===
Enters Layer ViewLAYER VIEW's [[#2D mode|2D mode]].
=== 3D ===
Enters Layer ViewLAYER VIEW's [[#3D mode|3D mode]].
== Generate ==
== Graphical display ==
[[File:Layers.gif|right|framed|<center>Layer View LAYER VIEW in 2D mode, showing each layer of the [[:File:MHObject.stl|MatterHackers test object]]</center>]]
Once G-Code for a model has been generated or loaded, the main area of the Layer View LAYER VIEW pane will display the tool path. Depending on which graphical display mode is selected, the toolpath is able to be displayed in different ways.
=== Navigation ===
== Sidebar ==
The sidebar in Layer View LAYER VIEW has two sections: MODEL and DISPLAY.
[[File:Layer ViewLAYER VIEW-Sidebar.png]]
=== MODEL ===
Contains information about the print.
[[File:Layer ViewLAYER VIEW-MODEL.png]]
==== Print Time ====

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