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This is the original template, but there is also one for use with duplicate slice settings (i.e. General -> Speed -> Support Material and Filament -> Extrusion -> Support Material). The associated file names in this template do not have a 1 at the end of the base; that is the only difference. This and Template:Slice Settings1 should be edited at the same time to keep all associated pages congruent.
A screenshot of the Slice Settings setting as seen in MatterControl's SETTINGS pane.


Number 1 is the function as described in the help text, and/or Taylor's slicer settings article text {{{1}}}


The format of input accepted. For example, layer height takes count or mm. {{{2}}}


An example of each of the parameters, including a screenshot. The first will be included in this template, and any subsequent parameters will need to be inserted on the actual page. See Settings/General/Layers-Surface/Outer Surface - Perimeters/Perimeters for an example of this in practice. {{{3}}}