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Frequently Asked Questions

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== How do I clear the application data? ==
On Windows, MatterControl keeps the user's library and settings in `{{ic|C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\MatterControl`}. On Mac and Linux it is in `{{ic|~/.local/share/MatterControl`}}. This data will persist, even after MatterControl is uninstalled. Remove that folder if you want to completely reset MatterControl to a clean slate. You can also temporarily rename the SQLite database file (`{{ic|MatterControl.db`}}) to see if your settings are the cause of a problem.
== MatterControl Touch Will Not Download an Update and Cloud Services Do Not Work ==
== "Slicing Error" When using Slic3r ==
You may be able to determine what is going wrong by running Slic3r independently. For every print, MatterControl generates a config.ini file that it provides to the Slic3r executable. This is in `{{ic|~/.local/share/MatterControl/data/gcode/`}}. Run Slic3r, import this config file, and slice your STL. On Windows, the Slic3r executable provided with MatterControl is in `{{ic|C:\Program Files (x86)\MatterControl\Slic3r\bin`}}.
== I have Intel integrated graphics and MatterControl crashes ==
* The version number of your Intel graphics drivers
In the mean time, there is a workaround. You can launch MatterControl with the `{{ic|FORCE_SOFTWARE_RENDERING` }} option, which disables all 3D graphics. Add the parameter `{{ic|FORCE_SOFTWARE_RENDERING` }} to the Target field of the MatterControl shortcut. To do so, right click MatterControl shortcut either in the start menu or elsewhere. Select 'Properties' and edit the 'Target' field. Just add `{{ic|FORCE_SOFTWARE_RENDERING` }} after the quotes. The whole target should read like this:
<code>"C:Program Files (x86)\MatterControl\MatterControl.exe" FORCE_SOFTWARE_RENDERING</code>

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