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Frequently Asked Questions

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No. MatterControl dropped support for Windows XP with version 1.2. You can still download [ Mattercontrol 1.1.3], which was the last version to work with XP.
== How do I install the drivers for my printer? ==
If you are on a Mac or Linux, the drivers are already built in to the system and you do not need to install anything.
If you are on Windows, MatterControl will automatically attempt to install the necessary drivers when you add your printer. Sometimes this doesn't work. To install the drivers manually, do the following:
# Open the Windows Device Manager. You can find it by just opening the Start menu and typing in "Device Manager."
# Find your printer. Usually it will be under the category "Ports (COM & LPT)", but if the driver is not installed it may be listed as an unknown device.
# Right click on it and choose "Update Driver Software."
# Choose to "Browse my computer for driver software."
# Choose the folder {{ic|C:\Program Files (x86)\MatterControl\StaticData\Drivers}}
# Click Next and the drivers will install
== How do I clear the application data? ==

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