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Frequently Asked Questions

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== Will MatterControl work with my printer? ==
This mainly depends on the language your printer speaks. Currently, MatterControl supports two languages for communicating with the printer; [G-Code]( GCode] and [S3G/X3G](]. G-Code GCode is the standard language used by RepRaps and most other printers. S3G is a condensed language used by Makerbot and Flashforge. In all likelihood, your printer speaks G-CodeMost consumer 3D printers speak GCode.
In addition, you will need appropriate slice settings for your printer. MatterControl has built in profiles for many printers. Here is the [complete list]( If your printer is not on the list, don't worry. You will just need to fill in the settings yourself. Obtain specifications from the manufacturer and input them into MatterControl under `Settings & Controls -> Settings -> Printer` as well as a few under `Settings & Controls -> Settings -> Filament`.

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