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Frequently Asked Questions

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This mainly depends on the language your printer speaks. Currently, MatterControl supports two languages for communicating with the printer; [ GCode] and [ S3G/X3G]. GCode is the standard language used by RepRaps and most other printers. S3G is a condensed language used by Makerbot and Flashforge. Most consumer 3D printers speak GCode.
In addition, you will need appropriate slice settings for your printer. MatterControl has built in profiles for many printers. Here is the [complete list]( list]. If your printer is not on the list, don't worry. You will just need to fill in the settings yourself. Obtain specifications from the manufacturer and input them into MatterControl under `Settings & Controls -> Settings -> Printer` as well as a few under `Settings & Controls -> Settings -> Filament`.
== Why are my objects the wrong scale? ==

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