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Frequently Asked Questions

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Sometimes the tablet fails to get the correct time from the NTP servers. Without the correct date and time, a TLS connection to MatterHackers cannot be established. Cloud Sync will not work and updates will fail to download. Swipe down from the top left to see the current date and time. If this is not correct you will need to go into the Android settings app (gear icon on home screen) and adjust it accordingly. The tablet has no RTC battery, so the time will be reset whenever you reboot.
== When I restart my printer, values of Steps per mm return to the firmware's default value. How can I change this? ==
It is likely your firmware does not allow EEPROM to be saved.
In order to apply your settings, you can either update your firmware to allow for EEPROM changes or you can add custom G-Code to the "On Connect G-Code" section in MatterControl. Updating firmware requires a fair bit of effort, so it's probably easier to update the custom G-Code. Here's how:
#In MatterControl, navigate to [[Settings/Printer/Custom G-Code|Settings > Printer > Custom G-Code]].
#In the "On Connect G-Code" box, enter
#:<code>M92 Exxxx</code>
#So, if your steps/mm is 194.5, you would enter <code>M92 E194.5</code>. This is case sensitive, so make sure to use capital letters.
Once this is done, every time you connect to MatterControl, it will send the proper steps/mm to your printer.
== "Slicing Error" When using Slic3r ==

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