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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your printer has hardware leveling which allows it to probe the height of the bed before each print. Other printers don't have this feature, so for them MatterControl has the option to use [[Options/Software_Print_Leveling|automatic software leveling]]. This is where you measure the height of 3 points on the bed using the piece of paper.
If you try to use both types of leveling at once, they will conflict with each other and cause problems. This is why the option for software leveling is now hidden if you have a Robo or any other type of printer with a probe. For more information on the various types of leveling, and how to configure them, look at our article on [[Automatic Print Leveling]]. If your Robo is having issues with leveling, check out [ this post on our forums].
== Does MatterControl work on Windows XP? ==

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